New hope and fresh ideas on energy-music spread the four musicians of THE VIBROMATICS from Speyer,
because these guys are a perfect blend of Rock 'N' Roll, Punk and Metal and describe

their music in short as "Vibrorock"!

(Quelle: https://www.pressure-magazine.de/musik/the-vibromatics-rocknroll-crime-5114/)           

According to the book "Bandologie - How to Lead a Band to Success as a Musician" you never should use your own band name to describe your genre or your own songs...

We thought: FUCK THAT SHIT!
The songs Vibrosound, Vibrobomb, Vibroman VS. Vibrodemon and Vibroslut are the result of this attitude.
Some people find it ridiculous, other people can laugh about it and think it's vibrotastic!
The band was founded in 2008 by Helge Forler (vocals / guitar) and Stefan Ostermayer (drums).
The current line-up is completed by Jonas Forler (bass) and Vincent Fury (lead guitar).



"The latest album "Rock'N'Roll Crime" was published in March 25th 2012 and provides 14 strong and powerful rock songs,
which are full of energy and don't need to hide behind other big bands. If you need a comparison to classify the boys musically, maybe you can see parallels to V8 Wankers, Supercharger and Peter Pan Speedrock, but better forget it immediately, because the music of the Vibros don't need a comparisons, because their music speaks for itself!"

(Quelle: https://www.pressure-magazine.de/musik/the-vibromatics-rocknroll-crime-5114/)           



One of our biggest highlights were the Sjock 40 Festival in Belgium 2015 (The Hives, Backyard Babies, John Coffey)

and two aftershow parties at the CUSTOMBIKE Show in Bad Salzuflen.
In cooperation with the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in 2018, we realized a technically very elaborate and high-quality
animated music video (full cg).
In 2019 we landed with our self-produced EP "Wall Of Death" with a one-page interview + song on the added CD in the metal magazine LEGACY # 120.



While our reputation spreads as a "full of energy live band", in 2013 we founded the VIBROFEST in our hometown Speyer, which takes place (almost always) every year. Bands like Nitrovolt from Cologne, Paceshifters and Black Bone from Holland or Speedozer from Belgium already rocked the stage here.



As we continue to evolve, the complexity of some songs will increase. The most important thing remains:
It must bangs to the point!
For us the band "The Vibromatics" is the musical fulfillment we always dreamed about.
The fun and our passion about this project pushes us forward.
So may the Vibrorock gives many people out there a good time ...!

©2019 by The Vibromatics